Blue Corn Tortillas 1kg (40)

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There are many different varieties of tortillas, but today we're talking blue corn tortillas, which use blue kernel corn flour instead of yellow or white ones. These tortillas have a slightly sweet, earthy flavor and lovely blue color that sets them apart. Origins of the Tortilla You can make this dough in advance and store it, wrapped in cling film, in the fridge for a few days. When fresh, our corn tortillas are best eaten soft, simply warmed through. Serve them in a basket and eat as you would bread alongside a meal or fill with a topping for soft tacos.

Research on huitlacoche indicates its lysine content promotes calcium absorption and collagen formation.Nowadays, this delicious mushroom is consumed in soups, moles, crêpes, tacos, and even in drinks such as Oaxacan esmoloc.

In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the kosher salt and masa harina to evenly disperse the salt through the flour. Taqueria12cm corn tortillas arethe size most often used in taquerias;slightly larger, they allow room for more toppings. Allow 4-6 per person on average.Available in both blue and white. While your ball of dough is taking a nap, you prep your tortilla press and get a hot cast iron skillet going.This is an extremely easy recipe, you only need three basic ingredients: blue masa harina, warm water, and a little salt. Blue tortillas, which are the ones used in our recipe. It is made from blue corn masa which is more nutritious and with a different flavor. This type of masa dough is used mostly when making quesadillas, sopes, and tlacoyos.


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