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Certain Dark Things

Certain Dark Things

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Set in Mexico City, the novel imagines an alternate present in which the discovery of vampires' existence in the 1970s has fundamentally reshaped the world of the 21st Century. Also, a sidenote: It wasn’t until I was several chapters into the book that I remembered I played a Mexican vigilante detective vampire in the last Vampire: The Masquerade game I played in, so, like, bonus I guess? Note: I received a complimentary review copy of this book from NetGalley and publisher Macmillan-Tor/Forge. The moment they meet Domingo knows that Atl is something special, and the two of them form a bond despite their differences.

I really enjoyed the overall idea and the setting; particularly, how humans and vampires live side-by-side.While we get glimpses or one-liners about what others there are, I would have loved to eplore them more and to see this bit of world bulding incorporated into the actual story, rather than just be exposition. Drinking blood and the teeth in the neck and the words 'veins' and 'arteries,' stakes piercing through hearts blech blech blech blech. In Mexico City, which is supposed to be vampire-free as opposed to the rest of the country and maybe even the world, she meets Domingo, a teenage boy who lives on the streets and makes a little money collecting garbage and doing odd jobs here or there.

Most definitely a fresh take on vampire novels, with excellent world-building (and vampire lore-building), a fascinating mix of different types of vampires, from terrifying to beautiful to nasty-gross to sexy, all with a gritty noir feel. Speaking of Vampire: The Masquerade, I’d be very surprised if Moreno-Garcia hadn’t played it before. Warning: I don't know why people on Goodreads insist on classifying this as YA, but it's an adult novel. Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s gritty novel is steeped in the history of Mexico City and vampire lore and yet manages to deftly re-invent the bloodsucker … Certain Dark Things packs a wallop.Vampires from every culture in the world -- dozens of subspecies -- have fled to Mexico because it has some of the least restrictive laws against blood-suckers. Where most people would spy a pile of junk, the rag-and-bone man sees treasure: empty bottles that might be dragged to the recycling center, computer innards that can be reused, furniture in decent shape. It helps that each of Moreno-Garcia’s vampire clans is tied to a specific (and not always Transylvanian) culture and locale. Yes, I’m back reviewing ANOTHER Moreno-Garcia book and I’m sure you will all be shocked when I say I loved it.

One of my favorite books by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and one of my all-time favorite horror books…Certain Dark Things will make you think about vampires in a whole new way. A book like this can have tons of action and cool vampire powers, but what matters to me is the characters, and I loved the relationship that this book builds between Atl and Domingo.Silvia Moreno-Garcia pulls zero punches, bares all the fangs, and goes for every throat in the room with Certain Dark Things .

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