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The majority of pages are undamaged with some creasing or tearing, and pencil underlining of text, but this is minimal. Remember though all children are different i have some still on level 1 and some flying on level 4, bear in mind children also need breadth with their reading for consolidation so its not always onwards and upwards.

t may sound daft but school struggle to send home apporpraite books for his mental age that he can read. As well as that I’ve tried to relate the books to the national curriculum levels (these measure children from key stage one onwards) and to reading recovery levels (this is a scheme to help children who are struggling with reading to catch up).

If that doesn’t convince you (and it never convinced me) offer your child the classics like “Treasure Island”, “little Women” etc- guaranteed challenge and no inappropriate material! What makes me cross is that children are not allowed to read above the band that is the average for their age group.

His school uses a range of different reading schemes, and it can be difficult for parents to understand how the various schemes relate to each other. He then was put on some other type of books, that to me was a waste of time and effort beacuse they were rubbish.

He has just moved up work groups, he's now in the middle group instead of the bottom,(there are 3 groups) so maybe he is just on the same level as everyone else in that group. I’m treating your information as ‘gospel’ to correlate my assessment results to the appropriate ORT stage for reading instruction.

We're reading the Ladybird Peter and Jane books at bedtime beofre her story, and she's doing really well with those! Hi there I teach reception aged children and i would say an 'average' reception child is on level 2 Ginn bearing in mind this is not the only reading scheme we use, they will also have had books for phonic work only like 'Jelly and Bean'. swissmiss (2), wotte (2), burdettp (2), RachAnn (2), Bandings (2), HightowerLA (2), wingedaltrux (2), gpsman (2), ekscott7 (2), esther_a (2), MerryMary (2), janimar (2), greganddeb (2), ChildOfErasmus (2), jalual (2), margoletta (2), piemouth (2), saxtontual (1), jltcschmidt (1), HiViewLibrary (1), mkelly62 (1), bronwynm (1), DevonsCoffee (1), TessaNelson8821 (1), megysu88 (1), bibliothekar_nz (1), AuntGale (1), WolfScout55 (1), jjallencounselling (1), Millsap (1), AlishaPennings (1), PlumfieldLL (1), IrwinLibrary (1), dlr3292 (1), slathrop (1), The_Sheila_Jean_LBL (1), southwestbookworm (1), Doris0816 (1), ChristyMacEwan (1), ashagglibrary (1), Mrs.Tbh, I don't worry about it too much - reading the school book is just a formality and they are doing all sorts of more interesting things in the class. DD is 5 and in year one, she is reading level 3 with ease and teacher says she is ahead of many others in her class with her reading. NC Level 2b is about ORT Stage 9 - around the Stage when children should be able to start transferring their reading skills to reading short 'real' books fluently.


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