Leaving Time (with Bonus Novella Larger Than Life)

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He wouldn't survive without the trunk, so a decision was made to have the Wildlife Management folks euthanize him. I didn't necessarily love anyone other than the elephants but I still really enjoyed the heck out of Leaving Time. Nevvie, Grace's mother and Gideon's mother-in-law, is devastated by her daughter's death and enraged at Alice and Gideon.

Jodi Picoult shows us the complexity of elephant society, especially in relation to how the females of the species care for themselves, their offspring and each other.Does Serenity have real powers or is she just a swamp witch, a term she uses to describe fake psychics? MAD HONEY, her new novel co-authored with Jennifer Finney Boylan, is available in hardcover, ebook, and audio on October 4, 2022. Jenna's family lived on an elephant sanctuary in New Hampshire, where both her scientist parents worked.

Thirteen year old Jenna Metcalf is determined to find out what happened to her mother, Alice who disappeared from her life when she was just three years old. I loved the story, came to appreciate the inseparable bond between mother and daughter and learned a lot about the plight of elephants in the world today. Thirteen year old Jenna is on a quest to find her mother who disappeared under mysterious circumstances when she was only three.the writing and storytelling compelled the suspension of disbelief and acceptance of the unimaginable. Approximately one year after she arrived in LA, she was found dead in the bottom of the enclosure’s pool.


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