Arrow Video Flatliners UHD [Blu-ray] [Region Free]

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Arrow Video Flatliners UHD [Blu-ray] [Region Free]

Arrow Video Flatliners UHD [Blu-ray] [Region Free]

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Internal List of Criterion Titles List of Licensors Calendar Blu-ray and DVD Region Map External Fan Sites The Criterion Cast Criterion Contraption Specialty Labels The Criterion Collection Arrow (UK) Arrow (US) Indicator Masters of Cinema British Film Institute (BFI) Second Run Anti-Worlds Shout Factory! Arrow’s UHD/Blu-ray combo pack release offers an excellent presentation and a nice selection of extra features that should please the movie’s fans. He persuades four of his medical school classmates—Joe Hurley (Baldwin), David Labraccio (Bacon), Rachel Manus (Roberts), and Randy Steckle (Platt) to assist him in his quest. The main difference between the two formats is that the 4K UHD edition includes a 4K presentation with Dolby Vision, whereas the Blu-ray is just standard high-definition.

They are, of course, aided by the undeniably stylish and visual panache of cinematographer Jan de Bont, whose work on this production perfectly complements Schumacher's captivating camerawork, saving the picture's thematic idealism from flatlining with routine genre cliches. Yes, it’s dark and there are a lot of shadows, but in what is kind of a precursor to Schumacher’s Batman films there is a wide spectrum of colors on display and even during the film’s darkest moments those vivid colours effortlessly leap from the screen. Having not seen Flatliners in many years, I was curious as to just what my reaction to it was going to be. A novel idea in theory, but who’s crazy enough to kill themselves just to find out what lies beyond the light.With the future star-studded cast, the classic 90s film tone bleeds through and director Joel Schumacher was able to leave his mark with what is now a cult classic. Flatliners joins the many films of my youth which I perceived as terrifying that are, in fact, not as chilling as once believed. In Atonement, composer James Newton Howard and orchestrator Chris Boardman talk about getting into film music, Schumacher wanting Howard based upon Some Girls, trying not to do the same music every time, expressing redemption in the music, working with a choir, the job of an orchestrator, moments in the score that worked for them, and their thoughts on Schumacher. Written and directed by Wong Jing, 1986’s Magic Crystal stars Andy Lau as Andy and Wong Jing himself as Pancho, two freelance special agents that wind up being hired by the Hong. This is one film that probably could use a new Atmos mix to improve upon some of its lesser qualities, but taken as a pair, both tracks are very satisfactory.

Billy Baldwin the stereotypical womaniser who thinks he can seduce every woman he meets while keeping his fiancé across the country in the dark, and Kevin Bacon who is the stand out in the ensemble as he not only is the key to bringing people back but he's quick to realise the deadly force they've all unleashed. The interesting thing is that Flatliners is so clearly based in Christianity that, at least in the case of David, the mere asking for forgiveness is enough for his personal trauma to be healed and his haunting to end. As our students, all almost falling victim to Nelson's charismatic encouraging of this 'flatlining' experiment they're all now a part of, go further and further with this they confront demons internal and otherwise.Finishing up the extras is a theatrical trailer for the feature, a still gallery, menus and chapter selection options.

Both tracks exhibit aggressive qualities when it comes to sound effects and score, but subtleties in the sound design are a bit lacking. Something this tricky is going to require serious assistance and he has enlisted the help of classmates and friends.

Full Moon brings together a six pack of B-movies produced by legendary schlockmeisters Eurocine in one handy boxed set collection. It was on frequent rotation when it first hit home video as seemingly everybody I knew was renting it and watching it, but now years later, one can appreciate it more for its intellectual qualities and visuals, as opposed to just being starry-eyed over its cast. Elmo’s Fire) tackles the existential question that, at one time or another, haunts us all: what awaits us after we die? Nevertheless, the star power headlining this prototypical early-'90s genre feature, made for a then-aging MTV generation still addicted to fast-cut pacing and fancy camera tricks, is a big part of its success at the time and remains memorable after three decades. As it is, the features cover the film’s production in a thorough manner but they don't go much beyond that.

But Nelson’s experiment has caused Billy to cross over as well and he’s not making life easy for him. The fact that I like the characters despite their cavalier attitudes when dealing with matters of life, death and other consequences is a real compliment to all involved.The 4K UHD edition does not include a HD Blu-ray, so making the selection between these really depends on what your home tech is like and your personal preference.

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