ANNA SUI Fantasia Mermaid Eau De Toilette 30ml

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Praline is not too over powering and it's like other Anna Sui perfume; mysterious and able to use nausea inducing notes and turn it lovable for most people. They mention that the bottle is beautiful, and it comes in an attractive bottle that makes it a great gift.

I was in the boutique for a while (they were having a Fashion Week party with drinks and music, and I spent a while browsing) and I was confused (but pleased) when I sniffed my arm later in the evening and smelled the more woody-sandy part! Okay, here's a confession: I didn't even read the list of notes before hitting the "I want it" button. It's fairly linear, although the very end-stage drydown has a just a touch more woodsy-ness than the majority of the scent's life-on-skin.Maybe if you stood back, sprayed and walked through it might be a passable odour you'd want on yourself. The flower of Vanilla wraps the smooth of the fragance for an unforgettable trail of feminine elegance.

Finally, in the base of the fragrance we find inspiration from the deep waters of the ocean that are home to the mystical mermaid with watery lychee paired with vanilla, honey and tonka bean.Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid Eau de Toilette 75ml Spray is a premium eau de toilette of Anna Sui brand. Sparkling top notes of blood orange, sweet Mandarin, cardamom and pepper impart a refreshing first impression, like water shimmering beneath the sun.


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