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At first it seems Brat can pull off this incredible deception, until he starts to realise that he is in far greater peril than he ever imagined. Hers centered around the main character in Charles Kingsley's Hereward the Wake, and the adventures she imagined herself having by Hereward's side (oblivious to his neglected wife)!

Alec's idea is for Brat to impersonate Simon's missing twin, Patrick, and, as the elder brother, claim the trust and the estate.Now, on the eve of his twin brother's coming of age, a young man turns up claiming, as Patrick, his substantial inheritance, In appearance he might well be the missing bot; he passes all tests satisfactorily and is accepted by his family - except by Simon, the twin brother, who denounces him as an imposter. The Neoplatonic, medieval Christian theologian known as "Pseudo-Dionysus" posited that what comes from God - and all things come from God - is therefore good.

Tey’s books are written in a classics and charming British style one would expect from a 20th century author. Although written before 1949, the writing has a timeless quality, a very modern tightness, and I found the style very "easy on the ears" and thoroughly enjoyable.In this world of sadness and anger, I needed a book where understanding was achieved, where subjective states collide but still come together, overlap, connect, where empathy and objectivity did not cancel each other out, where an empty man became full and a broken family became whole, where a happy ending was reached with compassion, forgiveness, and at long last, honesty.


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