Doctor Who: The Collection Season 2 (Limited Edition) Blu-Ray

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Doctor Who: The Collection Season 2 (Limited Edition) Blu-Ray

Doctor Who: The Collection Season 2 (Limited Edition) Blu-Ray

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Don't expect quality of native 1080p however as the show was originally filmed in standard definition at this time meaning this release is upscale. We’d never want to jinx anyone into an interview being their last, but if this does become William’s last major memory-lane trip before retirement… then it’s a beautifully fitting one. This nine-disc box set also includes hours of special features previously released on DVD including Documentaries, Featurettes, Audio Commentaries, Overseas Soundtracks and more. Coming Soon: The Time Meddler - Previously available on Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Sea Devils and Warriors of the Deep. Story editor Dennis Spooner found the narrative to be multilayered, with the Menoptra representing free enterprise and the Zarbi communism.

For the initial Collector's Edition release, each set came in identical cardboard packaging, with artwork displaying the Doctor superimposed by villains from the season on the front and a notable moment from the season on the back. I’m glad that Dennis Spooner would step in and do most of the heavy lifting the next time the Daleks showed up. My theory is that you will need to be in the right mood or possess a particular sense of humour to enjoy THE CHASE. Radio Play) - An audio-only presentation of this radio drama from 1993, written by Adrian Mourby and featuring Jane Asher as the Doctor's granddaughter, Susan Foreman.It represents a period of a show that might be showing its age and be a little less loved nearly 60 years on, but at the time, it was a massive hit.

There are two brand new In Conversation interviews with Matthew Sweet alongside William Russell and Maureen O’Brien. Using the original scripts, newly recorded dialogue and animation, this feature gives viewers an idea of how the original four-part version might have appeared. g. the TARDIS crew are reduced to the size of an inch, the Daleks occupy London in a grim dystopian future, the regulars encounter a world entirely populated by insect-like aliens and a Space Museum where our heroes discover themselves displayed as exhibits.Originally transmitted from December 1963 to February 1964, The Daleks introduced one of the Doctor’s most formidable and enduring foes. These come in a standard 22mm-thick Bluray case designed to accommodate the number of discs in the set with a cover showing the clean artwork and cardboard slipcase showing the logos and text. Robert Shearman discusses The Space Museum and discusses why it is a fun story in a feature that defends it against the typical fan ‘consensus’. Step aboard the TARDIS with the BBC’s sci-fi history-making First Doctor (William Hartnell) and his faithful companions in nine exciting adventures that catapult you through time and space to save the Universe. This set also features vast swathes of extras including cast and crew commentaries, old and new interviews, behind the scenes featurettes and loads of other goodies.

Having finally obtained William Hartnell’s second season on Blu-ray — the first black and white season to get the royal treatment — I found myself once again swept up in “Overview mode”. The Doctor even takes advantage of a case of mistaken identity and parlays it into an audience with Caesar Nero himself. Despite the fact that these episodes were created on a shoestring budget, churned out fairly quickly and shot almost as live television, many aspects of them are just as attention grabbing and fun as they were almost 60 years ago.Audio Commentary ( The Lion) - Featuring fans Paul Scoones, Neil Lambess, Bruce Grenville and Steve Roberts. There's much to enjoy in the other episodes too, which fulfill the original intention of the show to present historical as well as sci-fi adventures. Thankfully, the visuals here are much much better and sharper than the first time I watched the serial years ago. But then, there was a need for a second, totally different species that look like giant ants, massive, with hard shells which would require actors and stuntmen to be bent over at awkward, back-breaking angles for hours at a time. So, whilst the show might not have the gloss and slickness of today's version, what they do have are clear and linear narratives, likeable heroes to care for and atmospheric locales to explore and provide the requisite amounts of peril.

If you’ve not seen it before, she gives some nice insight into her relationships with co-workers and some of her frustrations with the way things worked out for her character.Quirky, irascible, his absent-minded-professor take had just the right other-than-human quality to it, often appearing exasperated by his human companions. And having so much background information from the features and documentaries makes it even more fascinating a trip for even the fans who can recite all the noises of the Zarbi. I heartily recommend getting this box set and enjoying it episode by episode even more so than story by story. The spine of each box featured clean artwork of the Doctor's face from the cover (except season 23 and the early 2020 re-release of season 12 where due to an oversight the villains were added by mistake, and season 8 and season 24 where the top of the Master and Chief Caretaker are visible), the Blu-ray, BBC and Doctor Who logos, the words " The Collection", the season number and another BBC logo at the bottom. On 31st October 1964 DOCTOR WHO began transmitting its 2nd series, and during 38 weekly episodes (comprising 9 serials) which came to an end on 24th July 1965 it would attain a level of popularity and ratings that the show would not see again until around the first three years of Tom Baker's tenure in the mid 1970's.

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