Jean Patou Joy Eau De Toilette Spray for Women 75 ml

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If LVMH do keep Jean Patou fragrances in production, then please do justice to its heritage and use quality absoluts. then we are already making a step towards aromatic territory towards Ivoires asafoetida, orris, pepper. Truly a perfumista's perfume and worth having in a collection, if only as a classical perfumery reference.

Jean Patou participated in the emergence of the iconic French "je ne sais quoi" movement that has left a lasting mark on French style. Joy wavers--in an elderly mezzo-soprano--as it dries down, between musky jasmine and rosy sandalwood until finally, I feel like I'm sweating rose petals and fairy dust. I mostly just care how things perform on me since I like a large variety, but don’t often find offensive notes, so glad to benefit from what some others have done, thanks!At Parfums De France, we offer a diverse range of designer niche perfumes and colognes with unique scent blends. I suppose this is one reason that, although I'm very emotional about perfume, I'm not terribly romantic about it. Vintage Joy in the black red-capped bottle: Rich tuberose and jasmine, made a little fresher and woodier with May rose.

I'm currently soaked in it while reading Nightwood (1936), Djuna Barnes' decadent, modernist tour de force, and it couldn't be more fitting: both celebrate life through death--in the scent's case, feline glands, rotting flowers, and plastic. Ylang-ylang here feels like the flower-girl that leads the way for rose, which parades down the aisle, supported by some rubbery tuberose.

But the edp I own from 2013, from Designer Parfums, is

Rosy rosy rose centered bouquet but there is no florist like feel, rather this bouquet of roses feels like a lady, wear it once and you will be overwhelmed with the joy.A thick, chewy ambergris and conspicuous civet enhances its corporeality and infuses it with more than a touch of amorality and baroque extravagance. When I was 14 in the distant 1980s, I got to try Joy, and was disappointed by how little it smelled like the real flowers I had expected.


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