Matfer Bourgeat 062005 Frying pan, Steel, Gray

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Matfer Bourgeat 062005 Frying pan, Steel, Gray

Matfer Bourgeat 062005 Frying pan, Steel, Gray

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It makes tossing foods a bit harder than with other carbon steel pans, and if you’re not careful you might just end up tossing the food all over your kitchen instead of back into the pan. Then cook breakfast on it every day for a week as follows: (1) Preheat the oven to 500; (2) lightly oil the pan all over with grape seed oil; (3) Get the pan hot on the range and add a bit of butter; (4) cook scrambled eggs; (f) more butter / brown onions (5) brown a breakfast sausage; (6) wipe the pan down all over with a paper towel (thin layer all over and no food bits) including the handle; (7) pop the pan in the oven right side up and set a one hour timer. The omelets slid out with ease; the crêpe batter held onto the pan as I swirled it around, then released once the batter was cooked through. I urge the Doubting Thomases to mentally compare a 28cm x 3 mm converter disk with the -same-size-base 8mm-thick disk-base induction-compatible skillet. Also, there is nothing harmful or poisonous being released if the seasoning deteriorates from acidic foods, you’ll just loose the non-stick and have to season the pan again.

Much better to cook with than nearly perpendicular sides of cast iron or a rounded interior wall slope. I mean even if I scraped the old grainy surface with metal utensils (which I didn’t always, but did more towards the end) and the highs would get a bit greyer here and there, the lows remained “black” and the look was mostly uniform on my cast iron pans. I dried it and warmed it on the gas hob before adding a teaspoon of vegetable oil, which it smeared about using a bunched fist of kitchen paper.I fried some eggs, which wanted to stick a lot more than last time but not too badly, and seared some steak, which turned out with a great crust. Again, these are utilitarian working pans, and are meant to be covered in a patina anyway, so not at all an issue. In debates about the perfect all-purpose pan, cast iron gets a lot of the love, but carbon steel is at least as good, if not better. I used the soft yellow side of a standard green dish sponge (DO NOT use the abrasive green side, as it will leave all sorts of little scratches on that surface you want to be mirror smooth) and applied a little elbow grease. The pan also cooled off a lot faster, hence giving precise control when making the pan-fried fish where I wanted to start off with high heat, but then lower it to let the fish cook through.

What’s more, the pan is currently getting an upgrade to improve upon its design and make it even more durable. However, they have some extra benefits in their favor, namely the fact that they’re far lighter in weight so they’re more responsive to heat and easier to handle, and the smoother surface is easier to season and keep nonstick. I highly recommend having the mise en place ready before setting this pan to heat up because in my testing, the pan was ready in no time. This particular pan only has about nine inches of cooking area whereas the top rim dimensions are more than 11 inches.But don’t let that distract you from its amazing capability to heat faster and cook evenly all the while weighing less than a cast iron pan. I then tested the pan’s nonstick capabilities by frying eggs, which didn’t stick one bit—they slid right out of the pan without the need for any additional utensils. I’m just an amateur home cook, but I’ve read a lot about seasoning carbon steel—and I have a carbon steel wok that’s maintained seasoning fairly well, plus several cast iron pans that are seasoned well—so I’d like to think I have a basic knowledge of how to season a pan. THE GOOD: Good things about carbon in general - if properly seasoned, and used with adequate fat in frying, it will be non-stick.

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