Mother Of Tears [2007]

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There’s also the kind of supernatural/occult paranormal horror you’d expect from a film in this series too. At the preview during the Cannes Film Festival, journalist Alan Jones described Simonetti's score as an "unqualified success".

However, the gore is deliciously over-the-top from the beginning, including images of flesh-tearing torture, smashing heads (repeatedly and to gut-oozing malformation), BDSM, blood-spewing gashes, dismemberment, eye-gauging, disembowelment, gushy cannibalism, wading through a pit of partially liquefied human offal and being strangled by one's own intestines. The box contains a magic tunic that, when worn by Mater Lachrymarum, increases her powers significantly.For this to be in the same trilogy as Suspiria (which I really disliked upon first viewing but have since come to appreciate), or even from the same director, just puts a lurching sort of nausea in me.

Sarah is caught and brought before Mater Lachrymarum, who offers Sarah up to her cannibal followers.Plus, for fans of “Suspiria” (1977), the film also adds even more backstory and lore to the trilogy too – amongst other things, revealing that Suzy was only able to defeat Mater Suspiriorum because she had previously been weakened by a fight with Sarah’s mother ( who appears in ghost form at various points in the film too).


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