Winter Wonder Rotating Christmas Tree Stand for Artificial Trees

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Ahead, discover ideas and options for revolving tree stands that accommodate either live or artificial trees in large or small sizes. Some of them even play music as they rotate, and one model offers the convenience of remote control operation. Read on to learn more.

Some revolving tree stands require minimal setup, and many are ready to use straight out of the box. If setup is required, it usually takes only a couple of minutes and a screwdriver. Once it’s set up, the stand is ready to plug in and operate. Puleo International is known for its beautiful Christmas trees and wreaths for all seasons. This rotating Christmas tree stand is available at a budget-friendly price, and it highlights the beauty of a glimmering artificial tree by showing it from all sides. Spaulding mentioned that metal tree stands are more durable and better for heavier and taller trees. Additionally, they are ideal if you have pets and children who may be prone to pull and tug on your precious tree. If that sounds familiar, you’ll want to invest in a metal Christmas tree stand. Although they may be more expensive, they’ll cost less than replacing a fallen tree and broken ornaments.

Tips for Using Your Revolving Christmas Tree Stand

While you should always read the instructional booklet that comes with your specific tree stand, Spaulding has a few tips that generally apply across the board.

Christmas tree stands are a necessity for anyone who brings a tree into their home during the holiday season. Their purpose pretty much speaks for itself, as cut trees topple over without proper support at the base (shattering ornaments and creating a mess in the process). Plus, like floral bouquets, they need water to prevent drying out and last as long as possible. There are also stands for artificial Christmas trees, which have slightly different features including a rotating design, for a stunning display in your front window, or wheels to make decorating easier.This sturdy base can handle artificial trees up to 8.5 feet tall and those with a maximum trunk diameter of 1.25 inches. We also like that there are two switches on this stand, one for the lights and one for the tree rotation, so you can choose how you want to use the stand. Though it’s not necessarily a dealbreaker, note that the stand only rotates in one direction. Casey Clark is a freelance writer for Better Homes & Gardens. To make this list, she researched a variety of tree stands, keeping in mind material, tree type, weight, dimensions, trunk diameter, and water capacity. She also consulted with T ara Spaulding, interior design coordinator for Patio Productions and Christine Mango holiday designer and producer.


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