Seachem Purigen for Freshwater, 100 ml

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Capacity: The Purigen is shaped like a sphere and macroporous. This results in a more functional product when it comes to removing toxins and makes it a product with more capacity than others. Removes water discoloration and polishes it: If you’ve noticed your water getting discolored, you can be sure that the cause for that is substances such as tannis. This aquarium filtration media can easily handle this substance. This chemical filter media also helps to polish the water by removing microscopic particles.

Seachem Purigen has a lot of perks, way ahead of any contemporary competition. If you’re curious to find out what does Purigen offer, you can have a look below: Purigen is recommended for a freshwater tank, especially when such a tank contains driftwood. Driftwood contains humic substances that often leaks into your aquarium water; these substances tend to cause water discolorations. Purigen will help clear up your water and ensure it remains clear. A premium synthetic absorbent, unlike any other filtration product you may have used. Not a mixture of ion exchange or absorbents rather a unique macro-porous synthetic polymer”

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For further information on 9 aquarium filter types, follow our guide here! 6/ Where to buy purigen? And in the case of saltwater tanks, it is similarly effective. It removes the toxins released by the corals and anemones among other substances. This keeps your water clear and creates a healthy environment for its inhabitants. 2. Removes organic wastes Purigen filter media is versatile in its actions. It frees the water from toxic ammoniated substances and makes the water crystal clear by removing all the pollutants and cloudy discolorations in the water. But the use of it may be confusing and especially the setup.

Macroalgae may present an interesting option for some hobbyists, especially considering the recent trends towards natural and low-maintenance systems," says Dr. Ashley Emanuele. "The term macroalgae is applied to a large group of multicellular seaweeds, and they are often maintained in a refugium or sump. Adding additional light and powerheads to the refugium allows the algae to act as a natural sink for nitrate products, similar to the way plants function in freshwater aquaria."The most evident sign that the carbon isn’t working anymore is when the water starts having a yellowish pigment to it. When you use Seachem Purigen you’ll soon find it represents amazing value for money! If your tank is a 100cm it will quite literally last for months! As it gradually turns a dark brown (which indicates that it is full of waste) as if by magic – it is not finished! All you need to do is take it out of the tank and soak it in bleach. Then you treat in a mixture of water and Seachem Prime (another fantastic Seachem product) for complete rejuvenation! Outstanding production quality


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