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Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press: This press smashed garlic around the edge of the plunger, making clean up a longer process than most. Even the fiddly job of cleaning is made easier. A built-in cleaner means that you just need to flip the handles of your garlic crusher over and the little spikes remove excess garlic from the chamber.

Type: There are many options when it comes to the sort of garlic presses available. You can choose from: Other notable features are that it can hold 250ml and has a speed of 1800 rpm, so will produce great results in no time at all. It’s also easy to take apart and clean the holder, lid and blades. Pros This budget-friendly KONCIS Garlic Press from IKEA is a simple and effective kitchen utensil that makes crushing garlic cloves easier than ever. Plus, despite the bargain price, this stainless steel press is both sturdy and durable.Best of all, using a garlic press should save you from chopping, dicing and slicing garlic cloves. How we tested How we tested the best garlic presses

OXO Good Grips is really good. It reverses and presses the remains out so it's easy to clean. The IKEA one is a bit hard to clean if it's dried a bit.” ShinyNewStart OXO's die-cast zinc garlic press has soft, comfortable handles, making it effortless to use. The design behind all Good Grips products is rooted in accessibility, so every generation of cook can use these OXO tools. From small hands to arthritic joints, this garlic press works for all.Overall, The Kitchen Innovations (KI) is a fun-looking, versatile kitchen gadget on your countertop, and can be used to prep other foods. In particular, we liked that this could also be used for ginger, shallots, shaved citrus peels and more. This has honestly changed my garlic life. Prior to this I would always chop garlic to avoid the hard work of the traditional crusher. So much easier to clean too!” Mamainthemaking Not only is the Garlic Twist easy to use, but it’s also easy to clean. You can leave it to soak in warm soapy water, rinse off any garlic residue and then leave it to dry. Or you can place it in the dishwasher. Pros


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