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If you want to get rid of all germs and bacteria from your house, you should get a cleaner with a concentrated solution that can do wonders. This is adequately what you get when you buy HOOVER Plus Hard Floor Cleaner. The concentrated formula enables you to use less and clean more.

Since the cleaner has a neutral pH, it is expected that it would work great on stone surfaces, which it does, it does an excellent job of cleaning granite surfaces without damaging it. In the context of grout and tiles, it is not the best choice for grout, and you would need a heavy-duty cleaner for that. However, it is a perfect choice for marble, granite, and stained concrete. Lastly, the lavender scent makes it smell refreshing.Just before we get into the detail of analysing the price of this product, we want to briefly highlight the importance of setting yourself a budget before you spend too much time shopping around for a suitable product. It’s all too often that we get carried away when shopping and find ourselves buying a fantastic product, but probably actually overdelivers on what we need and therefore costs a lot more than we should have spent. So spend a bit of time looking around at the sort of price you can expect to pay for products in the Mops category and use that alongside your own financial situation to set yourself a budget.

Regular up-keeping with just mopping the floor with a mix of some cleaner and water keeps the tiles clean, but it does not keep the grout clean. Especially if you use a manual brush, you can get every grout line clean. Simply spray it on the floor, give it a minute, and scrub. You would see the dirt come up immediately, wipe with water and you’re done. This procedure makes the grout neat and clean.Furthermore, the mist is very fine, and it doesn’t leave a residue or buildup that other cleaners tend to do. This is to be mentioned that nothing beats cleaning floors in your hands and knees with a soft towel, but this one works microfiber mop in a pinch. After cleaning, you would see a sheen as it does not leave the floor slippery. Lastly, the product works with linoleum, vinyl, stone floors, and is ideal for laminates. Treat your home like a palace with the Bona Stone, Tile and Laminate Spray Mop Kit. Counting Edinburgh Castle’s cleaning team among its many high profile fans, this fantastic spray mop kit makes it easy to ensure the hard floors in your home are kept spotless, no matter how many feet walk dust and dirt through your rooms. Moreover, you do not need to mix or rinse anything, just spray and mop. Firstly, if you are looking for a budget-friendly product, then this is definitely for you, it comes in an economy size, and it goes a long way. Secondly, you get a smooth pour due to splash less technology. Thus, you will get a cleaning product, with which you would be able to clean your house and won’t spill over other places in your home.

The label of the cleaner gives a hint about the product. The ready-to-use special filter is designed to remove mildew and mold stains from the natural surfaces of the stones. Granite, marble, and limestone are delicate materials compared to others, used in bathrooms, tubs, pools and other moist areas. The product is designed to keep these mentioned areas from mild and mildew buildups. It is powerful enough to fight these agents, yet keep the stones safe. The powerful ingredients work great, but be careful and wear proper masks and gloves when applying. The next step after looking at products in the same category, was to look at products from the same brand, Bona. Stubborn dirt doesn’t stand a chance against Bona’s deep cleaning solutions. If it’s going to take more than an antibacterial spray or wooden floor polish to unearth your floor’s hidden beauty, Bona has just the thing. The Wood Floor Deep Cleaner is a powerful oxygenated formula for hard floors and sealed hardwood that makes lifting even the most stubborn dirt, dust and grime look easy. And with no need for scrubbing, you’ll be able to put your feet up and admire your sparkling floors in no time. More for floorsIf you have kids and pets around, you do not need to worry when biodegradable formula by Sheiner’s is available out there. You can clean your floors peacefully with this non-toxic cleaner. Moreover, the cleaner is concentrated, and you need one ounce for every gallon of water, but rinsing is not required. As it can also be used in buffers, spray mops, and other cleaning machines.


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