The Darkhold: Spider-Man (2021) #1 (The Darkhold (2021))

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All for Nothing: The ending to Spider-Man's tie-in confirms that Darkhold!Peter's desperate solution of using Reed Richards as Human Resources to keep the city and its people together is doomed to fail. Quantum Batteries: Created by Joseph and Lucy Bauer, the batteries harnessed quantum energy from another dimension. A larger Quantum Battery was created by Eli Morrow.

Tome of Eldritch Lore: The titular book is the typical example for the Marvel Universe but it's ramped up because it's the original copy. Reading it is likely to melt someone's face or possess them with eldritch power and make them thralls of Chthon. The Darkhold's corruption of its user could only be broken through their own conscience and sheer will, with guilt acting as a counter to break it, as shown with Maximoff [3] and Radcliffe. [29] Known Inventions [ ]Look, if the internet is a garden hose, this book is Niagara Falls, blasting the universe's deepest thoughts through your eyeballs."

Advertised Extra: Downplayed. Doctor Doom is featured heavily on the Darkhold Alpha covers, yet his role in the arc itself is miniscule: Doom is the one that uncovers the Darkhold, but spends all of Alpha boasting about taking Chthon down and shooting down attempts at an Enemy Mine; only contributing by getting curb-stomped in Chthon's world to demonstrate why recruiting other heroes is necessary. Doom is seen standing alongside Wanda in Omega against Chthon, but she takes the tyrant off the board herself to ensure Chthon is sealed before the villain can exploit his power.The Cameo: Blade's tie-in is the first introduction of B-Negative, a character created for the infamously canceled New Warriors relaunch that would have tied into the Outlawed event. During their escape from the Illuminati Headquarters, Doctor Strange, Christine Palmer, and America Chavez went to the dimension where the Book of Vishanti was hidden. However, they were ambushed by Wanda Maximoff who was possessing her alternate self from Earth-838. Maximoff then destroyed the Book of Vishanti and used Chavez's powers to send Strange and Palmer to another universe. They eventually found themselves in a reality that was being destroyed by an Incursion.


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