Gator 18x12 inches Wood Pedal Board with Nylon Carry Bag - Black

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If you happen to be someone who uses stomp boxes on the regular, we recommend the PB 600, especially if you happen to use a lot of Behringer stompboxes. This pedal box has been optimized for the company’s pedals, with all of the electronics sorted out in an extremely useful and efficient way.

Another added bonus is that, as the pedals are housed inside a case, unable to move during transit, it reduces the risk of damage on the way to a gig or practice session. How much does a pedalboard cost? Here at Guitar World, we are experts in our field, with many years of playing and product testing between us. We live and breathe everything guitar related, and we draw on this knowledge and experience of using products in live, recording and rehearsal scenarios when selecting the products for our guides.Have you ever wondered why some guitars sound so heavy, almost as the bass guitar? This can be done with the octaver effect. With this pedal, your guitar tone will sound as if you are playing the bass guitar along with it. Guitar players spend hours researching the right pedals and tampering with their tones — not to mention the investments to perfect their rigs. Your pedals are vital to your performance, and they’re valuable pieces of equipment. Find yourself a pedalboard case that protects your expensive gear while consolidating your rig for smoother setups and tear-downs. One of the Nano Plus’ biggest selling points for us is the fact that it is so damn cheap. A pedalboard, case AND extras for the price of a second hand Boss pedal is impressive to say the very least, and makes the sometimes exclusive world of pedals and pedalboards very accessible for those just starting out or working on a smaller budget.

The compressor is the pedal that you can see anywhere in the pedal chain as it doesn’t have a usual place. Where you are going to put this pedal depends solely on your personal preferences. As we have mentioned above, this pedal compresses your tone. This is why some guitarists put this pedal in the first place, as they don’t want the compressor to modulate the effect of other pedals. Pedaltrain’s second appearance in this list, the Nano Plus is a much more compact option - as the name would suggest. Not quite the smallest ‘board in the range, the Nano Plus will accommodate five or six pedals - ideal for those who like to keep their rigs simple. Another aircraft-grade aluminum offering, the Nano Plus is tough and durable, but still lightweight. Guitar Players trust Gator Cases for guitar pedal cases that make gigging and rehearsing more manageable. Browse our pedalboard cases and use our Case Finder to discover models that can secure your pedals. Go With Gator for Your Pedalboard

Another important factor is the material that the pedalboard is made of. The majority of guitar pedalboards are made of aluminum alloy or plastic. Some of them are made of wood, but they are often too heavy and impractical. Most of the time, organizing your pedalboard is a straightforward and joyous experience - that is until you try and fit a wah on there. The 1525 is a two-tier setup, so would usually be considered a wah user's worst nightmare - but it includes a detachable riser to allow you to position your wah or volume pedal with relative ease.

It’s a very common belief in the music world that modulation effect pedals should not be placed at the end of the signal chain because they can very easily overpower any effects that were placed before them. Time-related effects pedals are at the endPedalboards are one of the items for a guitar that require the least amount of extra money for necessary extra gear. A pedalboard is a necessary investment for guitarists who have the desire to have multiple pedals. Do I need to buy a brand new pedalboard? It’s always best to start with a tuner, as you don’t want pedals getting in the way of tuning your guitar properly. Next dynamic effects like compressors and volume pedals, followed by fuzz, overdrive, and distortion pedals. If you have a boost pedal you can add it after your drive pedals for a boost in volume, or before to help shape the tone of your guitar. This is probably the most common question that I hear from my students. After they got the pedalboard and the pedals, the big question is how to arrange them.


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