Tachograph Charts (100 in box) T1/T2pear shaped centre 125km

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As an essential tool for drivers and fleet managers, it’s important that you have complete knowledge on the tachograph you use. Our guides to digital tachographs will ensure that you are completely in-the-know and up-to-date with all the principles, laws, regulations and restrictions in place.

Alternatively, any pulse counter listed in section 8 may be used in conjunction with a normal electronic tachograph sender unit. without delay in any circumstances where it is reasonably foreseeable that data will be erased imminently Indeed, even newly qualifieddrivers are not, in our experience,being trained in respect of thesenew obligations – which is hardlysurprising given there has been noDVSA or DfT publicity at all.Following the introduction of the tachograph, their use has been simplified by the implementation of certain symbols. For harmonisation purposes, four key symbol formats have been legally established. These symbols depict the different main driver statuses of Drive, Available, Rest/Break and Other Work and they are still applicable in the sector. Soon after the ratification of these four symbols, different tachograph manufacturers have expanded these key symbols and now include a wide variety of symbols. Why is it important to know the tachograph symbols?

If you’re self-employed, then duty time only applies to the time you’re driving the vehicle or other work related to the vehicle and its load.in any case as often as necessary to ensure that no data is lost (the Vehicle Unit holds 365 days’ worth of average data, after which the memory is full and the oldest data is overwritten and lost) You must break for at least 45 minutes after driving for 4.5 hours, this can be divided into two separate rest periods if necessary.

If a vehicle is covered by the relevant regulations and has not had a tachograph installed you could face an unlimited fine.periods when the mobile worker is not required to remain with the vehicle (but must be available to answer any calls to start or resume driving or to carry out other work). It includes periods accompanying a vehicle being transported by ferry or train, as well as periods of waiting at frontiers and those due to traffic prohibitions. Drivers may only be in possession of one driver’s card and must never use anyone else’s card or allow another driver to use their card.


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