Barry the Fish with Fingers: A laugh-out-loud picture book from the creators of Supertato!

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Barry the Fish with Fingers: A laugh-out-loud picture book from the creators of Supertato!

Barry the Fish with Fingers: A laugh-out-loud picture book from the creators of Supertato!

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Ya os dije que este curso tengo que enseñar a leer a mis alumnos antes de compartir nuevas historias con ellos, pero eso no quiere decir que no veamos bonitos cuentos en clase.

Sue Hendra's hilarious text and bright, bold, colorful art will have youngsters begging to read this story again and again. Blow tiny bubbles. Tape five drinking straws together, dip them in the mixture and blow. Look out for clumps of bubbles as well as single ones.

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A good book to show children the importance of using your fingers. Colorful pictures with cute expressions on the sea creatures faces. Puffy, the puffer fish, blows bubbles. Think of different words to describe bubbles. You might try blowing bubbles to help you think of some new vocabulary. The new fish welcomes the attention he is getting, and doesn't think about how it may have affected others around him. It is only when the other fish (who used to be the most popular) is in danger, that things are put into perspective. Barry realises that he has made the other fish sad by showing off his special talent. In light of the situation, Barry and the puffer fish join together to provide entertainment for all the other fish in the area. Life can be sort of humdrum in the ocean. Sure, all the fish look different, but their fishy lives are a bit dull. That is, until Barry arrives. Barry is a fish – with FINGERS! Barry can use his unique appendages to do all sorts of interesting things, even save lives! How can the other fish acquire fingers of their own? Hello, everyone! Our book today is Barry, The Fish With Fingers by Sue Hendra, a fun and silly story about a very unique fish.

Make bubbles without blowing. Slice the bottom off a 500 ml plastic water bottle, dip into bubble mixture and squeeze the plastic sides to make a bubble. If the bubble doesn’t detach by itself, shake it or blow it off. This is a useful technique for children who struggle with blowing bubbles through a wand. Have you EVER seen a fish with fingers? No? Well, neither had the fish at the bottom of the ocean . . . until they caught sight of Barry! From the masterminds that brought you Supertato, Norman and No-Bot!Blow huge bubbles. Dip the cut bottom of the water bottle in the mixture and blow gently through the small opening. How big a bubble can you blow? A funny tale that relies on one single gag, and ends with the moral that everyone has special talents that makes them unique. That is until Barry arrives on the scene. Barry is a fish with fingers and he's going to put them to good use. The fish are amazed. Life under the sea will never be the same again . . . Make a honeycomb of bubbles. Pour mixture into a foil pie dish, dip a straw into the mixture and blow a bubble. Wet the tip of the straw with mixture, push it into the bubble and blow another. Watch how the second bubble forms inside the first and then pops out to form the start of the honeycomb.

Look at the features of different creatures. How do these help them live in their particular habitats? How are they adapted to live there? Look at the bubbles that Puffy blows in Barry the Fish with Fingers and show the children how to blow their own soap bubbles. Watch how the bubble mix in the circular wand turns three dimensional as you blow, and look out for the moment when the soapy film seals to make a bubble and floats away from the wand. Look at the shape, movement and colour of the bubbles. Watch what happens when a bubble hits a surface and bursts. Show the children how to burst the bubbles by clapping them between their hands and let them play ‘bubble tag’. Puffy, the puffer fish, can blow the best bubbles. Think about your talents… what are you good at doing? What are your friends’ talents?Barry is a fish with fingers. He arrives at a new place in the sea and instantly becomes the favourite fish of the area. Unfortunately another fish, who used to be the star attraction, is pushed to the side. Puffy gets upset when everyone wants to play with Barry. What could he do to make himself feel better? How could the other fish cheer him up?

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