The Crystal Tarot: An inspirational book and full deck of 78 tarot cards

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The Crystal Tarot: An inspirational book and full deck of 78 tarot cards

The Crystal Tarot: An inspirational book and full deck of 78 tarot cards

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The Emperor tarot card symbolizes projective energy, men, compassion, force, movement, aggression, and male sexuality. This card can represent your own father, your grandfather, or any other important male figure in your life. Because of its ability to help clarify thoughts and communication, having some clear quartz around your space is great for tarot journaling.

A Crystal Pairing for Your Tarot Cards | Astrology Answers A Crystal Pairing for Your Tarot Cards | Astrology Answers

The Cups suit represents our emotions, love and relationships, matters of the heart, creativity, and our intuitive nature. You can use crystals with tarot in the same way you would anything else: keep them in your reading space or wear them in jewelry. Tarot is a fantastic spiritual practice that allows you to explore your connection with the universe and your own subconsciousness. If you are a Tarot card reader and wish to expand your craft, working with Tarot crystals can really enhance your understanding of the cards. The universe is a messy place. Being filled with countless wonders, we seek to understand them all, and as we do so, we realize that human nature finds it natural to categorize things in ways that seem meaningful to us. We look through to the world with the lens that is our perception, and though there are things that reside outside of it, this method of categorization and understanding still have value.Iolite enhances your psychic abilities and brings you new ideas. Connected to the Third Eye Chakra, this crystal stimulates spiritual perception and innate knowledge.

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To use this layout, place one stone slightly to the left of you. This represents the recent past that is influencing your current situation. Place the second stone to the right of the first. This represents your current situation. The third stone is placed to the right of the second and signifies the future. The Chariot Tarot card symbolizes earth power, nature, self-control, triumph and success. The crystals associated with this card are Staurolite cross stone, Twinned crystals, and Howlite. These crystals can be used to receive intuitive messages and insights through the Chariot Tarot card.Amethyst is an incredibly versatile crystal that protects you and provides spiritual enlightenment. This stone is a go-to for many Tarot card readers, as it simultaneously calms the mind and promotes awareness. This provides you with the space to read the cards. The Star Tarot card is associated with universal energies, astrology, eclipses, travel, and hope. The Star is a reminder that hope is always available to us, no matter what challenges we may be facing. By tapping into the energies of the universe, we can align ourselves with our highest potential and manifest our dreams into reality.

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You can also use fluorite when making decisions about yourself by wearing it near the Heart Chakra for emotional stability and balance.Crystals are powerful tools that can be used to enhance your Tarot readings. They have the ability to cleanse and bring positive energy into your space, which will help you focus on what matters most during a reading: getting clear answers from the cards. When you’re not using them, keep the stones in a yellow cloth bag or some other suitable container. Periodically expose them to moonlight. Doing this will help cleanse and recharge the crystals. If you crystal starts to look dull, it’s probably time for a metaphysical tune-up! You can also use sage smoke or incense to cleanse your crystal. Just hold it in the smoke for a few minutes. Moonstone is a semi-transparent, pearlescent stone. There’s something about how it appears to glow that’s magical! The soft glow is very reminiscent of a bright, full moon. Since spirit quartz is a form of quartz, it takes on specific properties based on whether it’s ametrine, citrine, smoky quartz, clear, or a combination of two. Because this formation contains thousands of tiny points covering larger points, it’s like a typical quartz crystal turned up to 11!

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