Fierce King: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (L.A. Ruthless Series Book 1)

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Fierce King: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (L.A. Ruthless Series Book 1)

Fierce King: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (L.A. Ruthless Series Book 1)

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Of course, the FMC isn’t the spoiled princess he assumes she is. She’s kind enough to play nice with his mom. She ditches the faux charity crew of Stepford Wives for an actual needy charity cause. Her favorite meal is a burger, not a salad. Two bottles of ketchup. A box of English breakfast tea. Four bags of gummy worms. Two picture frames. Two candles. Two bottles of bubble bath and an anti-allergen pillow.’ For recommendations, follow the author's friends and fellow authors on social media. They often share similar tastes and may recommend books that Sadie's fans will also enjoy. All across the USA, people are showing up dead. The deaths don't appear to be connected in any way until one particular death occurs and gets the Secretary of Defense's attention. He arranges for a task force to investigate. Alejandro was everything I look for in a mafia leader, possessive, powerful, gorgeous and a master in the bedroom.

Alex and Alana fall in love unexpectedly. Theirs is arrange marriage. Alex dons many hats ,keeps Alana at an arm's distance initially. But is drawn to her simplicity and beauty. And as I uncover the secrets of our pasts, I discover that monsters are not always what they seem. Sometimes, the real monsters look like ordinary men. Our servers are getting hit pretty hard right now. To continue shopping, enter the characters as they are shown Goodreads Librarians are volunteers who help ensure the accuracy of information about books and authors in the Goodreads' catalog. The Goodreads Libra Goodreads Librarians are volunteers who help ensure the accuracy of information about books and authors in the Goodreads' catalog. The Goodreads Librarians Group is the official group for requesting additions or updates to the catalog, including: Alejandro is a violent criminal who dominates the Underworld and he marries Alana for a business deal, his father forces him into.Sadie has delivered dark mafia romance writing at its best. Hot alpha A hole, strong, beautiful FMC and a plot that grips you, Alana and Alejandro are everything. The chemistry between both Alejandro and Alana is electrifying!!!!! He might be in control but she holds his heart. Alejandro is so much more than Heir to The Montoya Corporation, he’s a ruthless powerful business man that’s not to be messed with, he doesn’t do feelings! ….Ever!!!! I was an ARC reviewer for the book Fierce King by author Sadie Kincaid. My review is based on my own opinions.

It's a book with a lot of steamy sex and the sex scenes were hot. Perhaps a little too much for some. I made my way to the dining room and wondered if I was going to regret my decision to eat dinner with my new wife, and whether I would regret even more allowing her to choose the meal. Instead of showing us their interaction as they are pretending to be a couple and outrageously flirting with each other, our author just tells us that happened. No dialogue, just a paragraph saying, “Yup, we did this.” And what’s worst is this is the first time these two have supposedly acted romantic with each other, even if it is an act. You would think that would warrant an actual scene rather than just a drive by, half paragraph, surmising. This is said paragraph: The Ryan Rule series is suspenseful and full of action. This dark romance has mature themes and there is a recommendation that it is intended only for mature readers; the publisher gives trigger warnings. Books 1, 2, and 3 end in cliffhangers. Book 4 has a good resolution to the story arc with a “happily ever after.” In the first of Ms. Kincaid’s Ruthless series, all located in large cities, London Ruthless starts with Dark Angel. Gabriel Sullivan is a calculating, ruthless man, at the top of his game. Always getting what he wants, he moves in a dark, dangerous world and he’s at the top of his game.

Alana is marrying Alejandro but not for love. She is marrying to save her father’s life. She will never love this monster of a man. Bow down to this king? Never. As they spend time together will they get past the hot AF crazy sexual tension and the amazing chemistry they have? “He pushed his tongue inside, making sure that I could taste myself on him. For some reason, that only made me want to even more.” It’s Alana Carmichael’s wedding day, what should be happiest day of her life. This is no fairytale wedding. It’s her worst nightmare. She’s marrying The King of LA, the head of the Montoya crime family. A GOOD WRITER DOESN’T TELL YOU ITS RAINING…BUT RATHER MAKES YOU FEEL WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE RAINED UPON….”

Sadie Kincaid is the author of her self-titled book series. She's well known for her fierce romance novels that have won over many readers. HI I was told that I need a super librarian to help me merge the two copies of my books Ryan Rule { New York Ruthless Book 1 } This book loves to tells us what’s happening but refuses to show us! No descriptive language, no painting of a scene, therefore, you’ll never get embedded into the book. It’s like listening to a boring person talk about something that happened to them. “Yeah, I hear ya, it sounds like it would be a great time, I’ll just have to take your word for it I guess.” Is my response to everything Alana or Alejandro “feels”.

Thank you HI I was told that I need a super librarian to help me merge the two copies of my books Ryan Rule { New York Ruthless Book 1 } He growls and shouts unnecessarily which leads me to question if our author actually imagined what the scenes she creates look like? Because half the time, how our characters are depicted to say a line, does not match the feeling of the scene or the pre developed emotions thrumming the scene along. You growl when you’re frustrated, as a sexual thing, annoyed- something. Nothing that makes sense and has already been established leads to this man growling. It just comes off as weird and as if you just heard that growling men are a thing in erotic novels so you make your male protagonist growl for any nonsense that happens or doesn’t happen or make sense. Like he’s a damn werewolf or something. Yes, Sadie did. When her podcast failed, she decided to pivot and focus more on her writing, which led to her successful book series. Sadie Kincaid's books have received an avg rating of 4.2 out of 5 on most platforms. This reflects the high quality of her fierce romance novels and the satisfaction of her readers. A few hours later, the three of us were sitting on the patio. We’d eaten a beautiful lunch and Maria had regaled me with dozens of stories of Alejandro as a child. He had rolled his eyes throughout and admonished her for the more embarrassing ones, but she had simply laughed and told him not to be so grumpy.

I'm a contemporary, dark romance author. I love to read and write about hot, filthy talking alphas that would burn the world down for the women they love. Samantha calls Gabriel her angel. The things they do together may feel heavenly but they are certainly not angelic. He feels like the devil and he knows he’s not good enough for her but he just can’t walk away; she needs his help. Her life may depend on it. HOT DAMN!! Sadie Kincaid totally channelled her “Inner Sex Goddess” when she was writing this book! Alejandro Montoya is so damn hot, even the Devil won’t let him in the gates!!It’s so convenient and weird to have both of their mothers unknowing of their sham of a marriage. Like…why are these two women portrayed as these “feeble” things that can’t understand business marriages? If 25 year Alana can understand it, then at least one of those grown ass women could as well. And if not even one of those grown women could understand it, then maybe the premise really makes no type of sense.

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