MANNOL 5L Coolant Antifreeze G12+ RED Ready Mixed -30°C / +125 German Hi Spec

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MANNOL 5L Coolant Antifreeze G12+ RED Ready Mixed -30°C / +125 German Hi Spec

MANNOL 5L Coolant Antifreeze G12+ RED Ready Mixed -30°C / +125 German Hi Spec

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With some things in life if your in your in, you do not ask questions. Kinda like the lion cares not about the opinion of the sheep. All the lion cares about is how tasty the sheep is. Kinda slow here at work today............ Cars made before 1998 usually need antifreeze that isn't OAT-based and does contain silicate. Antifreeze at Halfords This antifreeze has a purple/violet color. It is tested to have the same cooling and antifreeze performance as the G12++ coolant. Moreover, the coolant is made with glycerin, a by-product of mineral oil. Glycerin is poised to be more eco-friendly than glycol. The fundamentals of Volkswagen G12 coolant are covered in this guide. We also indicate whether you must use this type or if you have a choice of another kind. Finally, we’ll discuss how to select the proper coolant for your car.

The G12 can be bought at a concentrate of -78 or -80 mark. You must calculate the amount of coolant in the system. The owner’s handbook should always be consulted while changing the engine coolant. It typically needs to be changed every 3 to 4 years. The longer engine coolant is used in an engine, the more it degrades, weakens, and gets dirty. At Halfords, our aim is to continually provide value to our customers, which is why we’ve launched theRELATED: Can You Use Water Instead of Coolant? (Why You Shouldn’t) G11 vs. G12 vs. G13 Antifreeze 1. G11

G12 Evo is now required in all VW Group vehicles, this is the most up to date, latest version of coolant from VW Group. G12 EVO is the latest correct coolant and replaces G12, G12+ & G13, it may have been made after your car was built (this will be the reason it may not appear in your handbook/manual, or on the coolant cap itself) Additionally, when you choose coolant, make sure you take a look at the shelf life. If you plan to store the coolant, it’s necessary to store it properly to keep it in good condition. Rotate coolant in your shed when you use it, so the older product is being used before that which is newer. If you are ever in doubt about what coolant you should be using, seek the help of a professional. As a result, ethylene glycol, an antifreeze, is typically added (if you’re unsure about the process, head over to our write-up on how to put coolant in your car) to water to reduce its freezing point to a safe level. The antifreeze shouldn’t be drained every summer as it often lasts for two to three years. Engine Coolant Ethylene glycol is a toxic dihydric alcohol. In its pure form, it is an oily liquid, it tastes sweet, its boiling point is about 200 degrees, and its freezing point is -12,5 °. Remember that ethylene glycol is a dangerous poison, and a lethal dose for a person is 300 grams. By the way, the poison is neutralized with ethyl alcohol.


The question often arises - is it possible to mix different antifreezes? To do this, you need to delve into the characteristics of each coolant to understand compatibility. Three years is typically the service life of this coolant. But as it is utilized, the protective qualities start to lose their effectiveness. Additionally, heat transfer is reduced because this coolant cannot withstand temperatures exceeding 105 degrees Fahrenheit. You will use G13 on the newer model cars. It’s recommended to change this antifreeze every five years.

G12 coolant is red or pink and is made up of carboxylate and ethylene glycol. It is used in high-performance engines with operating temperatures of 90-110 degrees. G12 coolant has a service life of 4-5 years. There are 3 different G12 coolants: G12, G12+ (Red), and G12++ (Purple). G13 coolant is a hybrid that is made up of an optimal ratio of silicate and organic components. This coolant has a service life of 5 years. When Should Engine Coolant Be Changed? This newer form of antifreeze is purple. With a hybrid antifreeze, there’s a similar composition but a different ratio of the organic and silicate compounds. This coolant provides more protection. When winter looms and the cold weather sets in, antifreeze becomes a must. Lowering the freezing point of the water found in your engine's cooling system, it helps to protect your vehicle from unwanted damage to radiators and other components. Without it, you could be looking at some serious repairs. Every type of engine coolant is made from a mixture of ethylene glycol or propylene glycol with a unique blend of additives. Engine coolant flows through the cooling system and engine to remove heat from the hot motor. It also ensures that the coolant doesn’t freeze during the winter.

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Coolants G11, G12, G12+ and G12++ have been replaced by an improved version. G13 coolant is introduced on all engines.

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