Grey Goose Essences Vodka Spritz, Strawberry & Lemongrass, Ready-To-Drink Pre-Mixed Cocktail Can, Made with Grey Goose Vodka & Natural Flavours, 4.5% ABV, 25cl / 250ml (12 Pack)

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Grey Goose Essences Vodka Spritz, Strawberry & Lemongrass, Ready-To-Drink Pre-Mixed Cocktail Can, Made with Grey Goose Vodka & Natural Flavours, 4.5% ABV, 25cl / 250ml (12 Pack)

Grey Goose Essences Vodka Spritz, Strawberry & Lemongrass, Ready-To-Drink Pre-Mixed Cocktail Can, Made with Grey Goose Vodka & Natural Flavours, 4.5% ABV, 25cl / 250ml (12 Pack)

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If you want something more natural and refreshing, squeeze your own lemons and add lemon slices to your drink. Top the drink off with fresh mint, and your mixer is ready to go. 10. Tomato Juice The man behind Grey Goose, Francois Thibault, learnt his spirit making skills in the Cognac region and more than the odd eye brow was raised when he moved to making Vodka. The vodka is indeed made in France but has gone on to be a huge international success. Depending on how you choose to mix Grey Goose with Half & Half, you can end up with a bubbly and alcoholic tasting iced tea with a touch of lemon zest. 3. Ginger Beer

Once you have combined your grapefruit juice with Grey Goose Vodka, you will enjoy a mixer that has a sharp, refreshing flavor. 6. Apple JuiceComing up with a delicious screwdriver is easy when you use a high-quality vodka like Grey Goose and an equally impressive orange juice brand. Soda water’s bubbly qualities can elevate Grey Goose vodka’s taste while reducing the burn in your mouth and throat.

Pineapple juice makes for a fun mixer because you can mix pineapple juice with Grey Goose vodka or you add other beverages like orange juice to create an interesting screwdriver. Within each and every bottle of Grey Goose is the essence of the finest ingredients France has to offer: Soft winter wheat harvested from in and around Picardy, plus the purest spring water from Gensac in the Cognac region.Lovingly cared for and captured from field to bottle in a process exclusive to Grey Goose Vodka. The inside of each bottle is washed once with Grey Goose, so it’s the only liquid ever touching the bottle Grey Goose vodka has a clean and crisp flavor that is accentuated by sweet notes, making Grey Goose a good shot and an even better base spirit for all kinds of mixers.In most cases, a Grey Goose and ginger beer mixer will have a rich spicy and citrusy flavor that is complemented by the vodka’s sweet notes and alcoholic burn. 4. Cranberry Juice Lemonade is one of the most versatile beverages you can use to spice up any spirit, and vodkas like Grey Goose are no exception.

Tonic water is a popular mixer, but a lot of people avoid tonic water due to tonic water’s medicinal taste. Fortunately, tonic water comes in all sorts of flavors today. Depending on the brand you use, the grapefruit juice can be predominantly sweet, bitter, or citrusy. Aim for something more citrusy, because that would be more natural-tasting. The Bottle Club is part of Millennium Cash & Carry LTD. Registered in England and Wales Reg: 03890320Grey Goose makes standard flavored vodkas, and now it expands those offerings with a spinoff line called Essences, part of the new craze in vodka that sees brands relying on real fruit and natural ingredients — and no added sugar in the case of Essences — to create unusual flavor combinations that at least give the appearance of being healthy-ish. According to Grey Goose, it’s the brand’s “most expansive innovation to date … made with all-natural ingredients and meticulously developed with the highest-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that have become synonymous with Grey Goose.” Moreover, a low-quality ginger beer will taste more like lemonade, and you will not enjoy subpar ginger beer mixed with Grey Goose vodka as much. For a more sophisticated taste, add a small amount of simple syrup to create a mixer that has just enough citrus and sweet notes with an alcoholic punch at the end. To make Grey Goose with soda water, add a small amount of vodka in a glass and pour 3-4 times as much soda water. For flavor, garnish with a lime wedge. 2. Half & Half Spindrift Grey Goose Vodka has subtle flavors that make Grey Goose vodka an excellent mixer. You can pair Grey Goose vodka with a variety of other drinks, like orange juice, soda water, and more.

However, if you want to come up with better results, put a little more arm strength in your mixer and squeeze the orange juice yourself. Lime isn’t just used to garnishing your vodka mixers because a good quality lime juice can help you make a lime juice and vodka mixer. For a more interesting texture, skip the strainer and let some solid pineapple particles linger in the juice when you mix the pineapple juice with Grey Goose Vodka. 9. Lemonade Armed with Grey Goose vodka and tasty tonic water that doesn’t reek of pure quinine, you will have a mixer that has a truly delightful mouthfeel. Just like any other juices used as a mixer, it’s often better to make fresh pineapple juice so that you can control how much sugar gets into your drink.If you want something not as sweet as cranberry juice but just as delicious, then go for grapefruit juice. Granted, the apple juice will not reduce the vodka’s burn as much, but the apple juice will compensate with sweet flavors and a grainy texture. When using ginger beer as a mixer, make sure that you are using a good quality brand of ginger beer. Otherwise, you will not enjoy the distinct ginger flavor of ginger beer. With most of these items being pantry staples, you will find whipping up an excellent Bloody Mary is easier than you expect. 11. Lime Juice & Simple Syrup Three flavors are available — all designed to be served with a simple soda water mixer. We tried them all. Who’s ready for boozy spa water?

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