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In Spy Kids, when the Cortez parents escape their imprisonment and start roaming Floop's lair, they fall through a trap door which leads to where Floop is waiting for them, dinner spread out, and was timing how long it took them to escape. He tells them he thought they would've arrived a little sooner. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Glory, the Big Bad of Season 5, does this all the time as she's a Physical God. Present perfect continuous is used when a situation isn't over yet, that's why I can't get it. Doesn't the expecting end after his arrival? The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles prepare for the popcorn.

was expecting you – to entertain me Ah, Mr Bond. I was expecting you – to entertain me

Daredevil (2015): Thanks to long-term scheming from behind bars, Wilson Fisk is able to pull this off in season 3 repeatedly. Cary Fukunaga prepares to premiere his film. The director took over from Danny Boyle, who jumped ship shortly before shooting began, citing ‘creative differences’. John Rain: In The Killer Ascendant, Professional Killer Rain is hunting rogue CIA agent Jim Hilger. Knowing that Hilger is planning to murder a Dutch official when they return home after work, Rain decides Hilger will be staking out his victim from a park across the road. Then Rain wonders if Hilger has anticipated his arrival, and is actually waiting in ambush for Rain. So he enters the park from a different direction, and sure enough sees a man with a gun lying in wait. It's then that Hilger springs his trap — the man lying on the ground is an innocent bystander that Hilger murdered and left there as a Sleeping Dummy, so he can ambush Rain in turn. Sneaking up on someone, or trying to get past them, can be an excellent tactic if done correctly. But some people are simply too badass to be surprised. This is the essence of The Anticipator. No matter how hard another character tries, they cannot manage to sneak up on or get past the Anticipator. Because the Anticipator is expecting them to try. Johnny, since he is psychic, exploits Spider-Sense to invoke this plenty of times. However, some instances stands out; in the episode "Double Vision" Johnny knows fellow psychic Alex will be in a parking garage so he waits for her casually. However, this trope gets weirdly subverted when Alex also anticipates him being there in the parking garage. They are expecting each other, but both refuse to be the one to open the door. Neither ever see each other in that scene.Almost two years after its original release date, the 25th James Bond film – and final outing for star Daniel Craig – has had its first screening at the Royal Albert Hall

Timeline – Robbie Williams

In American Horror Story: Asylum, Lana plays the Anticipator trope straight; Lana is having an interview on the final episode. Unbeknownst to TV crew someone is hiding amongst them. Bloodyface, Lana's son, is among the crew masquerading as a worker. After the crew leaves someone stays behind, and tells the hiding person to emerge. Lana, who knew Bloodyface was there all along, tells him that he can come out now, as she anticipated his presence. Nelly Malek and her son, the actor Rami Malek, prepare to watch the film. Malek plays the chief Bond villain in No Time to Die. Ben Whishaw on the red carpet. The actor plays Q in the film and has suggested it will also be his final time in the franchise.


Parodied in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode Bloodlust. In the movie being made fun of, Dr. Balleau knows that the heroes are hiding in his lair, and begins doing an evil speech as he slowly turns on light switches to reveal them. Mike and the Bots joke that he actually gives this speech tons of times of day, just on the off chance that someone actually IS hiding there. In The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug this trope is subverted. Bilbo uses the ring to disappear and he stumbles onto the chambers of Legolas's father, Thranduil. Thranduil subverts this trope, asking why he is hiding in the shadows, and stating that he can come out now. However, Bilbo finds out that Thranduil is not speaking to him after all, but to Tauriel who had also been lingering in the shadows. Although it seems as if the Anticipator is Crazy-Prepared, usually they are simply cool, wise, or are very seasoned. They expect you to be sneaking through the window, hiding behind that pillar, creeping in the shadows, and even using that Invisibility Cloak of Invisible Fabric... and don't even think about opening a door to stakeout in a room to surprise them later: they'll already be waiting for you there. Rumpelstiltskin does this in the Pilot of Once Upon a Time: When Prince Charming and Snow White go to consult him, they are warned to do three things: 1) Stay out of the light, 2) keep their faces hidden, and 3) not mention their names. All three turn out to be useless, as Rumpelstiltskin not only knows who they are, but has been waiting for them to show up. Justified because he A) can see the future and B) has been planning for this moment for years.

I have been expecting you. | WordReference Forums I have been expecting you. | WordReference Forums

Lola Iolani Momoa, Jason Momoa and Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa attend the premiere. Momoa is shooting a new Aquaman film in the UK. Batman plays the Anticipator on many occasions. One such story has Batman entering an apparently unoccupied room. After standing there a beat, he says "you four men may come out now". Cue four ninja assassins. Master Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles usually plays this role in all incarnations of the show, as he is very wise and skilled. And a ninja, of course. And he definitely dies. They’re not playing with the idea, like at the start of You Only Live Twice. You don’t actually see his corpse, but there’s no twinkly possibility left open that he escaped. What happens in the story – the canonical story made by Eon Productions and endorsed by Ian Fleming’s estate – is that James Bond, agent 007, is killed. At the end of the credits it still says “James Bond will return” but I’m assuming it will be a prequel, a telling of another part of his life. The death of James Bond at the end of No Time to Die is, and will remain, the character’s fate. The trappings of human drama – plausible characterisation, sadness, empathy, tragedy, loss – are an easy way to stop a film being boring. But it’s a technique that displaces boredom with anguish, not fun, and that’s not what Bond films are supposed to do. Craig is a great actor and, throughout his James Bond tenure, has clearly yearned to make the character a believable human being. But the job of playing James Bond is to remain watchable despite not being believable. That’s harder than acting – it requires magnetic star power. Only Sean Connery ever really mastered it, but all of the others, except Craig, at least tried.


Infinity Crisis: When Ray, Scott and Hope shrink down and enter the Soul Gem, they are met by Doctor Strange, who notes that he expected someone to get there a day earlier. In Batman: The Animated Series: In one episode, two mooks are sent to look for Batman in a house. Batman is waiting for the two mooks to enter the bedroom he is hiding in. When one of them looks inside, Batman gives him a daring look. The other mook asks if anyone is inside the room. The mook says there's no one there. The climax of the film is riveting and tragic, but it’s not just Craig’s acting or the film’s direction that gives it its power – we are moved because of the vast hinterland of warmth and nostalgia we feel for a character we’ve been watching all our lives. The current film-makers are wantonly expending emotional capital the vast majority of which was earned by other people. A precious resource has been squandered in one attention-grabbing and ultimately miserable moment. Seydoux on the red carpet. The French actor recently recovered from Covid-19, which prevented her attending the Cannes film festival in July.

been expecting you, Mr Bond - The Guardian We’ve been expecting you, Mr Bond - The Guardian

As a result, every film, every scene, every hat landed on a hatstand, every grin at Desmond Llewelyn’s sternness, is now brutally recontextualised. When Connery wins at roulette, when Roger Moore attempts re-entry, when Pierce Brosnan merrily drives a tank through St Petersburg, they are all portraying a man destined to lie bleeding, heartbroken and alone, missing the daughter he never really knew, waiting to be blown to bits by his own country’s missiles. It’s quite the buzzkill. The sencence is actually in present perfect continuous so it means that the guy who says it is continuously expecting him, even if they have already met... Phoebe Waller-Bridge on the red carpet; the Fleabag creator and star was brought in to give the script a polish.He has a bunch of guards and inmates lined up to orchestrate a riot on the off-chance that one of the lawyers who put him away stops by the prison, even having a phone line at the prison to call so he can make clear to Matt how much he's screwed before leaving Matt at the mercy of his henchmen.

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