Karma: A Yogi's Guide to Creating Your Own Destiny: A Yogi's Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

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Karma: A Yogi's Guide to Creating Your Own Destiny: A Yogi's Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

Karma: A Yogi's Guide to Creating Your Own Destiny: A Yogi's Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

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El libro lo leí súper rápido y me enamoró. Las parejas de Marissa Meyer son lo mejor que existen. Siempre tan sanas, puras y con tanta química. Me reí y me emocioné un montón de veces.🙈🙈 The next problem was that it felt way longer than what was warranted. The last 25% was actually really good and I wish that the editor had trimmed the early sections so we could arrive at this point a bit sooner. I liked the relationships in the book, but it was a very full cast and perhaps this is where some of the trimming could have occurred. I spent half of the first chapter fearing that this wouldn't be as good as Marissa Meyer's other books, then the next half just laughing and being giddy at this sizzling we-hate-each-other chemistry. I was almost tempted to put it down, but I am very thankful I didn't. This was so cute, so adorable, so quirky, so everything along the lines of that! It was very fun to read, especially if you just came out of a heavy-action, slightly-depressing book. Homeboy was trying to date her, and homegirl DIDN’T EVEN KNOW. Also, the WHOLE movie theater scene. . . He took her to see Jaws. He TOTALLY knew what he was doing.

Durante todo un verano Quint y Prudence deberán trabajar juntos por un trato que hicieron en el que ambos se ven beneficiados. Y poco a poco se darán cuenta que las opiniones que tenían sobre el otro eran incorrectas.. As I mentioned, Quint was just so PERFECT. It was annoying. I've never understood why writing advice always says to give your characters flaws, but now I do. Quint is everything I don't want in a book boyfriend. He is bland, boring and uninteresting. He was too flawless to even be human, and it was annoying how we were reminded of how good he was every five seconds. We then follow Pru over her summer as she sort of comes together with Quint in ways that she never expected. Pru is trying to convince Quint to redo their science project with her, but he’s not feeling it. At least not until she offers to help out at the Fortuna Beach Sea Animal Rescue Center his mom runs. He thinks she won’t do it, but he doesn’t realize, Pru will do anything for the grade, even spend her summer smelling like fish! It doesn’t hurt that she seems to have acquired some sort of karmic magic that she can wield at the squeeze of a hand. This story has all the elements to amaze or at least entertain. The author is great judging by her other works, the protagonist is semi-relatable (or at least I thought she would be in the beginning) and it includes enemies-to-lovers, and don't even get me started on this trope because I love it with a passion. Unfortunately though, all of these elements combined resulted in a boring, predictable, chemistry-less (let's pretend that's a word) book that I did not enjoy. solid 2.999 stars, because it was very average and while i didn’t love it, i can absolutely see another person eating this up. also, i appreciate the amount of research that was put in. but the scenes are so corny (not just typical cliche scenes that i respect. CORNY!) that i would physically cringe. ex: an unrealistic thing happens and it legitimately turns to a “and then everybody clapped” situation. i’m serious. everybody clapped.

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Now, speaking of karma, it was an interesting element to the story. It has a more subtle role than others would suspect, but I believe it’s just the right amount of magical realism in this contemporary. Think of it as a bit of Beatles sparkle, if you will. It plays a major hand in the story but from a distance, crafting this tale so that Prudence could grow as a person, and positively affect those around her. Hinduism, Jainism, Spiritism, Ayyavazhi, and Buddhism base their beliefs on karma as the fundamental law of life. Although each of these doctrines conceives this concept differently. i like sci-fi/fantasy MM but, wow, i like contemporary MM even more. this is honestly the genre for her. The books on karma have a single purpose: to promote a philosophy of life that allows us to become our best version and live life to the fullest.

Add in a crew of awesome friends and side characters, karaoke Tuesdays, karmic magic, saving cute sea life, Beatle’s references, and a bit of a real life villain sub-plot and I thought this story was entertaining. I think that anyone can enjoy this read, but I definitely think it will work for older middle grade and younger YA readers. The law of creation states that it's important to take action. Don't just wait around for good things to magically happen.

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And dear Prudence doesn’t like to connect with animals, hating fish smell but she slowly realizes the values of the job they’re doing. And she finally realizes her lazy, absentminded nemesis is a responsible, hard worker! Oh, he’s more than that! Is she blushing? Yes, she’s ! She starts to like him a lot but how their relationship work when Quint hates her so much. Or does he still hate her?

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