Squirt Clean Long Lasting Chain Lube 120ml

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Squirt Clean Long Lasting Chain Lube 120ml

Squirt Clean Long Lasting Chain Lube 120ml

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Wet lubes can be used all year, offer better value and have the greatest longevity. Whether wet or dry, it’s often a question of how much time and effort you want to put in. So, I have been adding drop wise to the top of the roller for a few years now, the thing that I discovered was that if I did a small drop on each roller and then after doing the full chain doing another drop, it seemed to aid penetration and staying power. With overnight set up and wiping down before riding. I might lose a little more on the rag but it seems to work for me. I used this on two road bikes and two gravel bikes, and at the start of the test period the weather was changeable. I had a few wet rides before hitting a prolonged dry spell that because a drought. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the chain and agitate the degreaser. You could hold the chain in the palm of your hand and work down the chain. Based on my experience over 800km of mostly off-road riding, Silca Synergetic can save you enough money – over time – that it's functionally cheaper than the 'cheap' options. It's extremely effective, very easy to live with, and will keep your bike out of the shop and rolling in those hills where it belongs.

Effetto Mariposa Flower Power is a vegan lubricant produced using sunflower seed oils. It's durable and long-lasting and set a cost to run record in testing. It runs a little darker so keep this in mind if you like a sparkling drivetrain. I’ll be brutally honest here. At first, Squirt really didn’t cut the mustard. On the road, I got that ‘dry chain feeling’ about 60 miles in. On an MTB it only proved effective for 30 odd miles and on a gravel bike it was sort of mid way between the two. Longevity was largely determined by riding conditions. Suffice to say, it was less time than I was entirely comfortable with. The reason I stopped doing that was that the wax treatment only lasted a week or two unless topped up with some other wax lubricant (e.g. Smoove), so in the end I thought it was less trouble to just go with the pre-made lubricant. And if you’re wondering why you can’t use WD40 or GT85, they’re water displacement products and should only really be used after cleaning your bike and before correct lubrication. They have some lubricating properties, and plenty of uses on bikes and round the house, but they're not up to the job of keeping a bike chain properly protected. The downside to wax lubes is they take a bit more initial work to apply and maintain. Before the initial application, you’ll need to make sure any factory grease or old lube has been removed and get the chain as clean as possible. The process also takes longer, it's advisable to apply these lubricants the night before a ride ideally. Should I use wet or dry lube?


The Squirt people describe their wax lube as "an emulsion that is blended under special controlled conditions from a number of waxes" - it's basically a suspension of the wax in water, which differs from most wax lubes that dissolve the wax in an VOC-based carrier. That means it's more environmentally friendly, and it doesn't seem to affect the penetration. That's extraordinary and what's even better is that my chain still hasn't started squeaking yet. It runs nice and clean too, the rollers are shiny and the outside plates just have a dry crust of grime which should clean off nice and easy. I've not used it in truly foul weather, but it hasn't been all sunshine and warm breezes either. In the interest of scientific enquiry I should probably run the chain dry but after nearly 600 miles I've got itchy squirting fingers… How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on road.cc? A camp by the Linn of Dee was lovely, beautiful sunshine at sunset and a few whiskies were had, it also is in the middle of a figure of eight route wise so you have options.

And finally, I went into the LBS who had a nice window display of wheels, said "what have you got that will me make me a better climber?" The guy asked could I wait three weeks, I said OK, he gave me a diet sheet. Put the chain and masterlinks in the tub, then pour in degreaser until the chain is fully submerged By all means, apply a wet lube for a torrential ride, but make sure you clean your chain effectively afterwards. Don't just reapply a fresh layer of lubricant on top of the grit and dirt that's on your chain. The same goes for 'dry' lube. As well as its well-known multipurpose spray, WD40 does make a specialist bicycle chain lube, which is formulated for the job. Chain lube lowdown Revolubes specialises in making lubricants for the bike, motorsports and fishing sectors. It is a wet chain lubricant (meaning this isn't a wax lube that dries, rather than a lube for rainy days) and it has performed fantastically during ZF testing.The Lube Long Lasting Dry Chain Lube 500ml is a high volume bottle of dry chain lube that offers fantastic reduced friction at the heart of your drivetrain. Revolubes is a high-performing wet lubricant that has been developed with a great deal of care. Follow the application instructions below and you can enjoy one of the smoothest-feeling chain lubes. mikepridmorewood: I've had 10,000k out of a chain by cleaning with wet wipes and lubricating with GT85 Squirt introduced wax emulsion lubricants (biodegradable) to the cycling market. Since inception it has remained the benchmark in its class.

Squirt ® is what every cyclist wants, a long lasting dry lube that does not gather dirt. The first successful wax/water emulsion containing as much wax as need to last for the duration of a marathon ride. It prolongs the life of your drivetrain by reducing friction while improving shifting and reducing irritating dry chain noise. No degreasing required. If need, clean with a dry brush.Anyway, I’m feeling healthy for the first time in ages so I’m looking forward to lighter evenings and cold sunny morning rides. 👍🏻 Argus Tuft: One or two weeks between lubes is about right, maybe 300-400km.When it starts to make the whirring sound. You can also use an ultrasonic cleaner do to this, but using a resealable container is cheaper. When the cleaning solution is running clear with no discolouration or contaminants you know your chain is clean. Should I spend more on chain lube? Green Oil's Wet Chain Lube is an exceptionally good barrier against water, dirt and corrosion, seriously reduces maintenance and won't turn the planet into an unliveable wasteland. The price is good and the applicator is well designed. There's really nothing not to like.

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