The Clot Thickens: The enduring mystery of heart disease

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The Clot Thickens: The enduring mystery of heart disease

The Clot Thickens: The enduring mystery of heart disease

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In fact he exposes Ancel Keys’ Lipid Hypothesis to be so worn out, obsolete and scientifically damaged that it is obvious to anyone who merely scratches the surface of the topic that it is simply being kept alive by the tainted dollars of Big Pharma, Seed Oil Industry and the Processed Food Industry. Aside 2 – {apologies for changing the subject} I previously mentioned that, after my 80’s parents got the lurgi a couple of months ago – as did I and a couple of other un-jabbed relatives – that I thought at least my Mum would succumb to the jab due to peer pressure (‘I told you so’). They are seeing what is happening to their peers – jabbed are catching the lurgi and some ending up in hospital (and much younger). In church this morning, it was announced that there would be no Zoom as the lady who organises it was ‘poorly’ after receiving her booster jab. As the Blaxploitation craze comes to an end, Pam fights for better roles and hobnobs with the biggest names in showbiz. She meets the love of her life, a hot young comedian named Freddie Prinze -- whose personal demons lead to heartbreak and tragedy. Collectively, these three movements have caused untold iatrogenic harm and seriously harmed public health in the past century. Truly diabolical work by Big Pharma and the Industrial Food Complex, an entity I have collectively named the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Agricultural-Complex (#MPAC).

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Perdu actually created entire new areas of medical thought regarding pain management that was specifically done to make prescribing their medication all but certain. Below, for example, is a list of factors that are closely associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. It comes from the latest UK cardiovascular risk factor calculator, called Qrisk3, which you can see here I guess this is where lifestyle factors really matter : reducing unmanageable stress? Diet modification? What’s the role of exercise, and should people do who can’t?

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Just played 18 holes of golf. Apart from 3 stupid putts I scored 82. That is 3 over my age. Not boasting or anything, but I am convinced that the one factor our good Doctor did not mention was genetics. I have bought it and am 60% through. Fantastic hypothesis and reasoning, and I’ll likely be taking whatever advice you have to offer when I get to that part. The rotten smell is not coming from the garbage; there is more here than meets the eye. I think it’s the old food in the fridge. Consume foods such as animal meat and organs, rich in l-arginine. All three of which increase your natural production of nitric oxide, a potent anti-clotting factor It is increasingly clear that all aspects of the haemostatic [blood clotting] system are involved: not only in the acute occlusive event, but also in all stages of atherosclerotic plaque development from the initiation of atherogenesis to the expansion and growth of large plaques.

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Hear, hear! I have no problem with others wearing masks if they wish to but would like the same courtesy to be extended to me for choosing not to! Bestselling author Elly Griffiths invites expert guests to lift the curtain on everything you want to know about the world of crime fiction. If you love a good murder mystery, then this is the podcast for you. Sorry not to buy from other sources but at my age difficult to fit more physical books in the house.In the first scenario, the majority needs to be convinced that what the governments are doing is wrong and the governments will stop the Covid nonsense to win elections. This week we are looking at two words which may be confused by learners of English: scarce and scarcely. Improve your English with Collins. I urge everyone to watch the brief piece by Daniel Hannan: Our moment of liberty is coming to an end

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It’s a classic case of a received paradigm, as explained by Thomas S. Kuhn in his book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”. The plaque starts, due to endothelial damage, and resultant clot formation (creating the ‘focus’ for further plaque growth) On Cause/Origin: From my point of view a central property of virtually all of the modern degenerative conditions is an abnormally elevated rate of apoptosis in the underlying tissue(s)/organ(s). Many of these are insulin-regulating/expressing tissues, and this is certainly true of the vascular endothelia.

The governments’ professed concern for the health services is just theatre. Last year it was “clap for heroes” , now it’s “jab the selfish”. A comparison might be Thanks Malcolm, for a wonderful book that pulls the contents of your many blogs on CVD together. A few points stood out for me: He left out the initial MAIN cause for damage and plaque forming, before step 1, the most important part…

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