The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

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The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

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What is the goal of a self-help book? You read and take away a lesson, a message that has the most significant influence on you. The simplicity of the writing and the sincerity of the message leaves an impression on the reader. You are living for what you most enjoy. He is also an awful writer, most evident in his use of speaker tags and abuse of adjectives, which were actually my favorite part of the book-they were that bad. here are some fun examples: The Ritual of Spoken Word. Write down a short mantra you can repeat to yourself throughout the day.

The Power of Authenticity: I've been thinking about this for quite a long time. People always tend to interfere in one's life and it happens a lot of time that you do things that you don't want or like to do, or meet some people whom you don't like. Be authentic means for me removing all the people's influences from your life. It needs courage to do so and face the consequences. On the other hand, like it or not, you are a part of big society and no one can afford to live alone so you have to consider that. For example, one need to be nice to all people even though he don't like them. It needs balancing I guess. The more disciplined you become in which thoughts you accept into your mind, the easier it’ll be to turn it into the beautiful, energizing garden you need. Lesson 2: The Ten Rituals of Radiant Living are a simple morning routine that covers everything you need. Represented by a pink wire coil, the notion of discipline entreats you to consistently perform small acts of courage, strengthen your willpower, and develop the strength of self-discipline.Only a few books have been able to enlighten me on the act of living a purposeful life as this book has. Discipline is built by consistently performing small acts of courage. You can take big acts of courage, but every day dedicate yourself. You’re welcome my love, please do, you will love it, very easy to read and very practical too. It added value to me Reply

The core of the book is the Seven Virtues of Enlightened Learning, which Mantle reveals one by one. Now, although the book presents them as actual Virtues learned from Himalayan gurus, it’s important to remember as you read that these are made up by the author — actually, he pulled them from other sources and put them together: Wage war against the weaker thoughts that have crept into the palace of your mind.They will see that they are unwanted and leave like unwelcome visitors. – Robin SharmaThe most noble thing you can do is to give to others. Start focusing on your higher purpose. – Robin Sharma Maybe these immaculate revelations would have had more of an impact on me as a teenager, but you would've had to get to me in early adolescence to impress me with the wonder of "think positive thoughts!", "prioritize what's important in your life!", "live in the now!", "find a purpose!", etc. etc. I love new age ideas and concepts, but Sharma just reguritates other people's wisdom and doesn't even make it interesting or unique. He even quotes himself from the book in the book! Each lesson has a summary of key ideas, actions, etc. and in each one he quotes himself, from the chapter you JUST READ, which has to earn him Douche of the Month, if not DOTYear in my opinion. Fortunately, he chose the former, sold all he has and ventured on a journey to the east to discover the secret to happiness and life. Outing myself as a reader of self-improvement books with this review, but so what... I think it's all a bit of a waste of time if you don't try to spend some of your time improving your life from within. Now imagine you were told a fable so powerful that it made you sell your most prized possessions and leave behind the life you’ve accustomed yourself to. What kind of fable could be so persuasive?

Second, why should I listen to those who already made it "big" and after having everything try to advice on how the rest of us should live our lives? Later in the story, the sumo collapses but then reawakens to the smell of beautiful, yellow roses. These roses represent another virtue, the idea of selflessly serving others. It’s beautifully summarized in this ancient, Chinese proverb:The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a self-help book by Robin Sharma, a writer and motivational speaker. The book is a business fable derived from Sharma's personal experiences after leaving his career as a litigation lawyer at the age of 25. THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI didn't start off well for me because I absolutely detest fables; my idea of cruel and unusual punishment is being forced to re-read THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, for example. My problem with fables is that they are, more often than not, stupid. They come across as a childish and often condescending way to get a point across when straight forward non-fiction would've done the job. They also tend to be written by people who, while extremely wise and with something very worthwhile and interesting to say, have no flair for writing fiction, and the whole thing just ends up being clunky, cheesy and unreadable, a faint burn of embarrassment for the author coming to your cheeks as you read.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (1997) is a captivating tale that shares profound life lessons through an engaging story. Here's why this book is a must-read:I’ve always wondered what this book is about. The title is catchy and I loooooove Ferraris. Do you want one? I want one. Maybe that means this book is for you and me! Because Julian Mantle, the fictional, seven-figure-making lawyer this story is about, had one. And he was unhappy. So he sold it. Jonathan consents what Julian urges because he assumes that the person can be his mother or sister & Julian tells him that's it's not every day that you get to save someone's life. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a self-help book. It gives life essential lessons. At fifty-three, Julian realizes he has much to accomplish in life. Robin Sharma broke down the 7 virtues required for a life of inner peace, joy, and a wealth of spiritual gifts, and from the first one, I am certain you will start to feel the impact of the book, just like I did.

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