Topping E50 MQA Full DAC ES9068AS XU216 32Bit/768kHz DSD512 PCM768kHz Decoder RCA TRS Ultra Low Noise Preamp (Black)

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Topping E50 MQA Full DAC ES9068AS XU216 32Bit/768kHz DSD512 PCM768kHz Decoder RCA TRS Ultra Low Noise Preamp (Black)

Topping E50 MQA Full DAC ES9068AS XU216 32Bit/768kHz DSD512 PCM768kHz Decoder RCA TRS Ultra Low Noise Preamp (Black)

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E50 auto On/Off function, it will automatically turn on and set to the input which the signal is valid. And when the signal of E50's selection is not valid for 1 minute, E50 will turn off automatically. Ok, thanks. And is that because a) Bluesound wants it to work that way and forces it or b) that's how Tidal behaves on the Node or c) because the DAC is not actually capable of that first unfold over coax and the Node knows that so it does it. Or d) some other reason? In the WIIM app it's still reading as 24 bits 88.2kHz. And the ones that go "96 PCM">"OFS 192" show as 24 bits 96kHz in the WIIM app.

TOPPING E50 ES9068AS Digital to Analog Convertor (DAC) TOPPING E50 ES9068AS Digital to Analog Convertor (DAC)

You can modify the Parks Puffin to output in Coax or SPDIF as well which is why I was looking at going that route. It's not like you could ever hear the difference between -120dB and -140dB distortion and noise anyway. L50 has two sets of input, balanced TRS and single-end RCA, and could be controled by the lever on front panel. There are 6.35mm and 4pin XLR output channels. Also, when shutting down, the input signal could be directly output to RCA or TRS without amplification, which will be more suitable for working with active speakers or monitor speakers when the DAC has pre- amp function. Further noticed that the start of songs can be "ever so slightly" trimmed as DAC changes its resolution.I'm not trying to get full MQA decode/unfold (I don't have a PC/streamer with USB to hook to it) and I know it's lossy so that's not my goal. I'm not here to debate that or sound quality. I'm just trying to understand the signal path and the process of what's happening to the file, and what the WIIM + E50 are actually playing. Before I got the E50, I had the WIIM Pro hooked to my Marantz SR5015 and the readout would say 96kHz and 88.2kHz on these files, not drop to 44.1 on the 88.2 files like below. That's great to hear about the balanced and unbalanced working at the same time. That will make integrating the sub much easier. All of this I find strange and frankly annoying. Since Node2i supposedly does full MQA pass trough and D90SE is fully capapble of handling MQA.

Streamer MQA | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum Streamer MQA | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum

IEMs: MeeAudio Pinnacle 1, 1more Quad, Alpha&Delta D6, TFZ king Pro, TFZ Galaxy T2, Fiio FH1, KZ ZST, VE Monk, KZ ED16, Campfire Audio Comet, TFZ Secret Garden 3, Revonext QT2, TFZ X1, BGVP DM6, MoonDrop Kanas Pro, FLC8P, BGVP DM7, TFZ No.3Ti, Tin Audio P1, BGVP DH3, Shouer Tape, Blon BL-03, Thieaudio Legacy 3, Thieaudio Voyager 3, UrbanFun YBF ISS014, Shouer Soloist, Shouer Tape Pro, BGVP DM8, Fiio UTWS3, KZ ZEX, KZ DQ6, Moondrop Kato, BGVP DX6, Shouer S12. The same happens when I disable MQA core decoder or even if I select the device MQA capabilities as either “Decoder Only” or “Renderer Only”. |Headphones: Sennheiser HD660S2 | HIFIMAN Sundara | AirPods Pro 2 | Audio Technica ATH-M50X | AKG K371 | Sennheiser HD380 Pro Please keep in mind that these are rough estimates and shipments can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, like postal strikes or severe weather. Given the state of the world right now, it should come as no surprise that inflation is rearing its ugly head again. Thanks to the aftermath of the global pandemic and a major European war, prices are going up as people's disposable incomes fall. With significant hikes in food and fuel costs, not to mention dearer petrol, electricity, and gas, we badly need a remedy. Quite simply, what the world needs now is cheaper, better hi-fi! OFS is a valid state of MQA indication for when a device receives an MQA signal already decoded by a downstream piece of hardware or software. As signals decoded downstream cannot be authenticated in the same manner as the original un-decoded bitstream we use ‘OFS’ which stand for ‘Original Frequency Spectrum’ to show this is still an authenticated MQA stream, and the end point device is rendering correctly, based on the Original Frequency Spectrum.

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